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About Kaser Gold Plated Jewellery

Kaser Jewellery was created by Sergio Ricardo, who has over 26 years of experience in the fashion industry. Before coming to Australia, Sergio ran a showroom business for 15 years, displaying fashion outfits and accessories from renowned brands. Then, when he arrived in Sydney, he created Kaser Jewellery, seamlessly blending the vibrant spirit of Brazilian style with the refined elegance of Sydney. Sergio wants to combine the two distinct styles and create something unique that not only brings out the beauty in modern individuals but also imbues the wearer with happy and positive energy. Our jewellery collection offers various options, from classic hoop earrings to classic chain necklaces, to stunning pearl bracelets; there will always be one piece that catches your eye.

Having run a showroom before, Sergio understands how important the quality of the pieces is to our customers’ happiness, and that is why we sourced our gold plated jewellery from a high-quality jewellery factory owned by a trusted former business partner. Each of our gold plated pieces, from earrings, necklaces, and rings to bracelets, is crafted from premium brass or stainless steel and then plated with 18k gold using a nickel-free method. Our quality assurance team will then sample and examine the pieces to ensure the gold plating is at least 1 micron thick. That sets us apart from other retailers in the market, and because we are so confident about our waterproof and tarnish-free pieces, we offer a worry-free return policy and a 180-day warranty.

Kaser Gold Plated Jewellery is your go-to destination for finding the perfect gift. With competitive prices and a diverse range of accessories, you can find affordable gold plated jewellery in various tones and finishes, such as hoop earrings, stud earrings, drop earrings, chain necklaces, and more. Explore our sale section and add to your cart from our new arrivals. We, at Kaser Gold Plated Jewellery, guarantee a shopping experience that is exciting and delightful.

Frequently asked Questions

Gold-plated jewellery can be worth buying for several reasons:

  • Cost-Effective: Gold-plated jewellery is significantly less expensive than solid gold, making luxury designs more accessible.
  • Variety of Designs: Allows for a wide range of designs and pieces that look luxurious without the high cost.
  • Fashion Flexibility: Ideal for fashion jewellery and trying out trendy or new styles without a major financial commitment.
  • Practical for Occasions: Suitable for wearing on occasions where there’s a risk of losing or damaging more expensive jewellery.
  • Durability and Longevity Considerations: While gold-plated jewellery does not last as long as solid gold and can tarnish, its affordability and style variety can make it a worthwhile purchase depending on individual expectations and care.

Gold-plated jewellery’s longevity can vary significantly, ranging from a few months to up to five years, depending on several factors. Care and maintenance play a crucial role in extending its lifespan. Environmental factors, individual skin pH levels, and exposure to chemicals also influence how long the plating lasts. For instance, individuals who sweat more may find their jewellery’s gold plating wears off faster than those who sweat less.

The quality of gold-plated jewellery, including the thickness of the gold layer, the purity of the gold used for plating, and the choice of base metal, is also pivotal to its durability. At Kaser, our commitment to quality ensures the best possible longevity for our gold-plated jewellery. We achieve this by applying ten layers of gold plating, using 18k gold for plating, and selecting brass as our base metal. This approach aims to provide the longest-lasting gold-plated jewellery on the market.

Gold-plated jewellery offers a perfect blend of affordability, style, and versatility for your wardrobe. Ideal for those who love to keep up with trends or make bold statements without the hefty investment required for solid gold, it expands your fashion choices without stretching your budget. Yet, it’s crucial to be mindful of allergies or skin sensitivities; base metals like nickel, commonly used in gold plating, can trigger reactions for some. At Kaser, we prioritize your safety and comfort by exclusively using nickel-free materials in our jewellery, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience for everyone.

Showering or swimming with gold-plated jewellery is not advised. Hot water and everyday products like soaps, shampoos, and conditioners contain chemicals that can accelerate the wear of the gold layer and potentially tarnish it. Similarly, ocean water’s minerals can hasten the fading of the gold plating. To preserve the beauty and extend the lifespan of your gold-plated jewellery, it’s best to remove these pieces before engaging in activities that involve water or exposure to harsh chemicals.

Wearing gold-plated jewellery daily is entirely possible, but it’s worth noting that constant wear may quicken the fading of the gold plating, particularly if the plating isn’t sufficiently thick. At Kaser, we ensure the resilience of our gold-plated pieces for everyday wear by applying ten layers of gold plating, significantly enhancing their durability. Nonetheless, to extend the lifespan of your jewellery, we recommend removing it during activities prone to causing scratches or chemical exposure, such as cleaning, exercising, or swimming.

Gold-plated jewellery often tarnishes because the base metal underneath reacts with oxygen, sulphur, and moisture in the air. Over time, the protective gold layer can thin, leaving the base metal vulnerable to oxidation, which leads to tarnishing. This process can be sped up by factors like the acidity of one’s skin, sweat, and contact with chemicals found in perfumes and lotions. At Kaser, we enhance the durability of our gold-plated pieces by applying ten layers of gold plating. This technique greatly reduces the risk of the base metal being exposed, thereby preventing tarnishing and keeping your jewellery looking its best for longer.

Yes, gold-plated jewellery can indeed be replated. If the gold layer starts to wear off or tarnish, you can bring your piece to a professional jeweller for replating, which refreshes its look by applying a new layer of gold to the base metal. The cost for this service varies based on the jewellery’s size and the desired thickness of the new gold layer. At Kaser, we stand behind the durability of our gold-plated jewellery with a 6-month warranty. Should your piece begin to fade within this period, we’re happy to replace it at no extra cost. Wondering what happens to the replaced jewellery? We send it to our quality assurance team for a thorough inspection. This process aids us in enhancing our product quality by understanding the causes of wear and tear.

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